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What are The PVC Film Wood Grain Film Products?

Feb. 25, 2021

There are many categories of PVC Wood-Grain Film products, mainly divided into imported wood-grain film, domestic wood-grain film, and joint-venture wood-grain film from the place of origin. If analyzed from the product category, it can be divided into stone, wood grain, cloth, leather, metal, etc.

There are more types of wood-grain membranes. In terms of product quality effects, imported wood-grain membranes are better than joint venture wood-grain membranes, and joint-venture wood-grain membranes are better than domestic wood-grain membranes. These are mainly reflected in the stability of the wood grain film. Some construction sites use domestic film in order to save costs. Due to the lack of technology, the later peeling, degumming, and other undesirable conditions are caused. Caused great troubles to the construction site acceptance. Therefore, when choosing a wood-grain film, you must first consider the requirements of the construction site and the complexity of the process. Try to choose imported wood grain film products. Regarding the price system of wood grain film products, we will give you an analysis later. Next, let's talk about the category composition of wood grain film:

Eco-Friendly PVC Film

Eco-Friendly PVC Film

1. Wood Grain series products: as the name suggests, it is the grain effect of wood grain. It has hundreds of different grains and achieves a high-simulation effect. After filming, it can achieve a real solid wood feel. It is also used more in the wood grain film industry. One kind.

2. Stone series products: It also imitates the real stone effect. There are different types of marble, bluestone, patterned stone, etc. These products are mostly used in large office buildings, hotel reception desks, sales department bars, home improvement background walls and other venues. , After filming, it has a high imitation stone texture, and the atmosphere is simple.

3. Fabric wood-grain film products: cotton, linen, weaving and other effects, with fabric textures, are mostly used for home improvement wardrobes, hotels, background walls, tooling walls, etc. The construction requirements of fabric wood grain film products are relatively strict. When applying the film, you need to refer to the direction of the texture. This requires a skilled construction team to serve you.

4. Leather wood-grain film products have the effect of high imitation leather, and a variety of different leather textures are enough to be fake. They are mostly used in furniture color change, living room, hotel bedroom bedside table, high-end hotel chairs and other places.

5. Metal wood grain film, the product uses metal materials as imitations to achieve metal effects such as brushed metal, antique metal, and patina metal. It is mostly used in tooling places such as bars, restaurants, and hotel decorations.

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