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How To Identify high-Quality Aluminum Ceiling Materials

Jan. 22, 2021

Consumers who are not familiar with the market of Aluminum Ceilings generally have this misunderstanding: the thicker the sheet is, the thicker the keel is, and the stronger the hardness, the better.

In this situation, some handicraft workshops and other OEM factories one-sided pursuit of thickness and hardness, just to meet the needs of these people. Especially in the surface treatment, an extra layer of material is sprayed, for example, some relatively gusset plates or mixed Aluminum Gusset Plates containing iron, lead, etc. are used. The price of this kind of product is very low, but it can always satisfy some consumers' pursuit of thickness and hardness, but it is very easy to oxidize. In terms of health, these products often have metal components that exceed the standard, so they have greater radiation and damage to human cells, and seriously endanger human health. Here, the brand integrated ceiling company will solemnly remind consumers that health is paramount, and for you and your family, you must use safe brand ceilings.

Aluminum Ceilings

Aluminum Ceilings

So what kind of smallpox is of high quality and high safety?

The best aluminum ceilings on the market are made of aluminum alloy. Based on the selection of high-quality aluminum materials, comprehensive environmental protection and other related factors, the alloy ratio is strictly controlled in accordance with the standard "Chemical composition of wrought aluminum and aluminum alloy GB/T3190-1996". Material thickness The material thickness is generally in the range of 0.4-0.6mm, and the span of home decoration will not be very large. The load capacity per square meter can meet the requirements of the standard "Metal Ceiling QB1561-92", thereby meeting the needs of users.

If ordinary consumers do not know enough about the material of aluminum panels when buying aluminum ceilings, we recommend that you use the simplest method below to identify them:

①Visual inspection: The surface of the substrate has good gloss, without cracks, corrosion, vent holes, creasing, creases and serious scratches, oil stains, sticking, printing marks, pine dendritic patterns, metal and non-metal indentations and other defects , Aluminum ceiling section, no blackening, graying, greening and other impurities. The color is uniform.

②Hand feeling: The surface of the aluminum ceiling is fine and smooth.

③Good elasticity, with a little grip, its natural tension restores the panel to its original natural state, no bending cracks appear when the substrate is cold bent at 90 degrees, and the bending radius is not more than half the thickness of the substrate.

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