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How to Choose Wood Grain Film?

May. 25, 2021

The market potential of PVC wood grain film is huge. In the current market environment, the product quality is uneven. How to choose a high-quality PVC wood grain film product? PVC Film Suppliers will give you an analysis.

First, the smell of wood grain film products.

High-quality wood-grain film products are odorless, because the selection of raw materials to the production process uses environmentally friendly materials for production and processing, and meets international environmental protection requirements certification. Compared with most wood-grain films, the pursuit is low-cost, and the raw materials and production processes selected are basically far from environmental protection requirements.

Wood-Grain Film

Wood-Grain Film

Second, the thickness of wood grain film products

In the production process, the High-Quality Wood Grain Film will add an air-conducting layer at the bottom, so that the wood grain film is not easy to generate bubbles during construction.

Third, the wear resistance of wood grain film

Abrasion resistant transparent layer added to the surface of the high-quality wood grain film. It can greatly increase the service life of wood-grain film products. At the same time, this transparency also effectively isolates water vapor and makes the wood-grain film products have a moisture-proof effect.

Fourth, wood grain film fire protection technology

High-quality wood grain film products have a fire-resistant bottom layer and a fire-resistant printing layer, which generally meet the international B-level flame retardant level. Higher-quality wood grain film can reach the A-level flame retardant standard.

There are many other advantages, such as flexibility. Antibacterial, adhesion, etc. These high-quality features are to satisfy all kinds of grassroots in the current decoration market.

Therefore, when choosing to use Wood-Grain Film products, you need to carefully screen them, and don't make you trouble frequently in later use because of blind pursuit of cheapness. Don't lose confidence in wood grain film products because of blistering, peeling, breakage and other problems.