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Common Types of Aluminum Ceilings

Feb. 04, 2021

In the diversified era of society, there are more and more interior decoration methods, so we must choose a decoration style that suits us. For example, there are many types of ceiling decoration designs, and the effects of different types are different. Aluminum Ceilings are commonly used. However, what types of aluminum ceilings are there?

1.Aluminum grid.

The aluminum grid ceiling can be combined flexibly, the aluminum grid and the aluminum frame are combined, the design is more unique after installation, and the appearance is novel. The inward folding of the top of the main and auxiliary bones of the grid ceiling improves the firmness of the bone. On-site trimming to meet the needs of different parts. The trimmed bone strips can still cooperate with each other when used together. The port structure of the main and auxiliary bones is exquisite, making the connection of the bone strips seamless

Aluminum Ceilings

Aluminum Ceilings

2. Aluminum square tube.

Aluminum square pipes are generally used in places with a relatively large flow of people, which can dissipate heat, circulate air and exhaust, and also make the entire space more bright and spacious. Aluminum squares are widely used in subways, high-speed rail stations, stations, large shopping malls, and passages. , Public toilets, building exterior walls and other open places, the aluminum square pass is an open long hanging plate composed of aluminum square holes and spacing arrangements. The long plate hanging keel installation test is used to hide the keel system visually; aluminum alloy The square ceiling is vertical, coherent and thick, simple and elegant, with the flavor of the times

3. Aluminum gusset.

The Aluminum Gusset Plate has strong waterproofness and tight structure, and the installation structure is a keel snap-in structure, which is very tight and has no gaps.

4. Aluminum coupons.

The aluminum hanging piece has a wide field of vision, which makes people's thinking extremely open, ventilated, breathable, clear lines and distinct. The installation effect of the aluminum hanger is simple and clear. It is a modern art style. The design and color of the aluminum ceiling are various. The wood grain is the most popular color now. It is also a color that highly imitates the natural atmosphere, which makes people work hard. Feel the presence of nature in

The above is the introduction of some types of aluminum ceilings. It is very important to decorate the house in a family. If we choose and design appropriately, aluminum ceilings can bring good effects to every space in the home. If necessary, please contact the Aluminum Ceiling Panel Supplier