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Analyze The Coating Method of PVC Wood Grain Film

Jan. 13, 2021

The coating method of PVC Film is relatively simple, this also includes special-shaped film construction and ordinary film construction, including the film covering methods on different base layers. Let us explain one by one.

First of all, let’s talk about the wood-grain film special-shaped film: common special-shaped films include arcs, circles, diamonds, bumps and waves, etc. There are also special shapes such as big trees, animals, etc., when using wood-grain film film, you need to face the special-shaped surface. For refined treatment, when applying primer, you can use high-concentration undiluted primer. After brushing and drying, you need to polish it to ensure smoothness. When sticking the film, choose imported genuine film and use a hot air blower to blow at low temperature for shaping. Do not use sharp objects to avoid tearing the wood grain film.

Then there is the ordinary flat film: this is mainly for large flat surfaces. This film is relatively simple. You only need to use the diluted primer to evenly apply the position where you need to paste, then dry it naturally, and polish it to smooth it. When applying this film, you need to consider the height of the film. For example, in our previous hotel construction, the height of the overall wall is 4 meters. This requires a whole area of film, using scaffolding to overlap 3 workers to complete. When the film is applied, it needs to be up and down in a line, slowly smooth and compact it. can.

Pvc Wood Grain Film

Pvc Wood Grain Film

Next, let's talk about the problems of the grassroots.

1. Paste the film on the base layer of Aosong, do not paint varnish on it. Just apply the primer film directly.

2. Paste the film on the gypsum board. Consider that there is a layer of paper on the gypsum board. When applying the primer, you can use pure oil or use a small proportion of diluted primer. After brushing and drying, re-grind to ensure smoothness.

3. Metal base layer, when sticking the Wood Grain Film, you don't need to brush the primer, just clean the oil and debris on the metal surface, and stick the film directly after drying.

4. Latex paint on the wall, this can also be directly applied with wood grain film. Before applying the film, use plaster or putty to level the potholes on the wall, and then apply primer to clean the dust around the corners , You can stick the film directly

On the whole, the lamination method of Pvc Wood Grain Film needs to be determined according to the base layer of the film and the effect of the film. It cannot be generalized. When applying the film, it is recommended that the film foreman go to the site to look at the basics. Communicate with Party A on the process and requirements of the film, and then provide on-site guidance and suggestions on the processing and production of the grassroots. This will make the film more smooth and the effect of the film better.