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The Use, Advantages and Classification of Aluminum Ceiling

Dec. 29, 2020

The aluminum ceiling adopts high-quality aluminum alloy panel as the base material, and advanced CNC bending technology to ensure that the plate can be flat and not deformed after processing. It has excellent resistance to external forces during the installation process, uniform surface color, UV radiation resistance, oxidation resistance, and super strong preservative. Aluminum Veneer is widely used in building curtain walls, column beams, balconies, clapboard decoration, outdoor decoration, advertising signs, vehicles, furniture, booths, instrument shells, subway shipping tools, etc.

Aluminum ceiling is a smallpox product made of aluminum alloy sheet. According to the classification of the use environment, it can be divided into two products: aluminum ceiling and aluminum ceiling wall. The wall has two types of internal walls and external walls. Aluminum ceilings are currently a popular decorative material in the construction market. The reason why they can be unanimously recognized by the market is that the flexible and changeable advantages of aluminum ceilings can meet the needs one by one.

Aluminum Ceiling

Aluminum Ceiling

Aluminum Ceiling is a general term for decorative indoor roof materials. In the past, traditional dwellings mostly used straw mats, reed mats, and wooden boards as the main materials. With the advancement of science and technology, more modern building materials have been applied.

The magical effect of aluminum ceiling in modern decoration: the ceiling surface is treated with special technology, anti-static, no dust, no dust, can completely meet the requirements of high-precision electronic factories, hospital operating rooms, biological laboratories and other high dust-free and high-clean places !

The surface treatment process of aluminum ceilings is mainly laminating, rolling and anodizing. The implementation methods and advantages of these processes are different. Laminating is a physical process in which a layer of aluminum plate is laminated through high temperature and high pressure; the roller coating is a 3 series international standard aluminum hot rolled high-quality aluminum alloy plate as the base material, which is processed by three-coating and three-baking roller coating The process is pressed together; anodic oxidation is to use metal or alloy parts as anodes, and use electrolysis to form oxide films on the surface.

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